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Ep. 101 - Branding, Books & Beyond

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Insider Review Podcast: Issue No. 101 Overview

Email Date: 8/7/2023 Air Date: 8/17/23

Join me as I unveil our refreshed newsletter and share my 100 Day Challenge journey. I'll discuss the relaunch of the Mindful CEOs Academy, how I balance work with self-care, and my newfound obsession with the Kindle Paperwhite. Get insights from the Barbie Movie's brand marketing, the power of lo-fi beats — plus hear about my experience switching to the Balance app.


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This Week: Updates

This Weekend: Self-Care

Life & Links

Ready for a quick catch up? Here’s what’s been happening in my world:

  • I found this article about brand marketing lessons from the Barbie Movie rollout interesting and informative.

  • I’ve been pretending my home is a fancy hotel coworking lounge by playing lo-fi background music during the day – my productivity has increased :)

  • I recently downloaded the Balance app for the free trial (one year!). I’ve been a Calm girl, but Balance has a more customized experience that has already made an impact.

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Hi I'm Ashley Sharie!

I'm a branding strategist and mindset coach with over a decade of experience, specializing in crafting powerhouse brands and developing CEO mindsets using innovative approaches to strategy and visioning to empower ambitious women.

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