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Ep. 103 - Content, Calm, and Creativity

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Insider Review Podcast: Issue No. 102 Summary

Email Date: 8/21/2023 - Episode Air Date: 9/3/23

In this week's Insider Review, we dive into the challenges of content creation, focusing not just on volume but on platforms where content has a longer lifespan—like Pinterest and podcasts. We also talk about prioritizing mental health through self-care activities over a stimulating weekend that includes unplugging and visiting local spots. Finally, we touch on personal favorites like the newly discovered Ryze mushroom coffee and the rekindled joy of mindful reading.


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This Week: Updates

This Weekend: Strategy

Life & Links

Ready for a quick catch up? Here’s what’s been happening in my world:

  • A friend gifted me a new mushroom coffee to try, and I think it’s a winner. Have you ever heard of Ryze? In the past I’ve tried both Four Sigmatic and Dose – but I think Ryze has a smoother taste and it’s my winner so far. You can try it here.

  • I watched this interesting Youtube video about using AI to create a faceless channel for free. The creative in me has so many ideas.

  • I renewed my Mindful magazine subscription. Previously, with my subscription, I would read a little as a moment to myself. Looking back, this was a small pleasure that I’ve been missing lately.

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