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100 Day Challenge

Join me & let's build together

I've started a 100-day challenge with a focus on intentionally growing my business! I'm inviting you to join me and take the challenge together. Here's how it works: over the course of 100 days, you need to choose ONE or more of the following tasks to complete daily:

  1. Spend 100 minutes on content creation (remember to post it, although not necessarily all of it).

  2. Allocate $100 for daily ad spending (but only if you know what you're doing and have a validated offer; feel free to ask questions if you're unsure!).

  3. Reach out to 100 individuals, whether it's on your contact list, social media, media outlets, local connections, or anyone else who can help you expand your network and net worth.

I downloaded a few videos for you to see!

for website ashley_edited.jpg

How it works...

Choose your own adventure!

Step One

Choose your action

Each day, choose from one of these tasks:

  • 100 minutes of content creation 

  • $100 of daily ad spending (if you've got a validated offer and know-how)

  • Reaching out to 100 awesome individuals through various channels.

Note: If you need to, you can combine tasks -- just be sure you're meeting the spirit of the task!

Step Two

Follow along

Follow along on my IG "Close friends" story! 

Here's how to join in on the fun:

  1. Follow me on Instagram.

  2. Send me a DM with the magic words "I'm in!" 🎉


Once you're in, get ready to journey along side me, engage with with me, and take part in some awesome discussions. It's all about supporting each other, sharing ideas, and lifting each other up! Let's make these 100 days a period of growth, strategy and success!

Step Three

Track your progress

Embrace the spirit of adventure! Treat these 100 days as a thrilling experiment where you'll unlock your true potential. Each day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and expand your comfort zone. Jot down your daily experiences, your triumphs, and your insights.


Discover what strategies work best for you, how you can push your boundaries further, and how your confidence soars. Remember, you're not just undertaking a challenge; you're creating an environment for change and transformation. So, let's dive in with enthusiasm and an open mind, ready to embrace every twist and turn along the way!

Need help along the way?

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