• "What you speak and what you see is as far as you will go.

    So, let's mastermind your big vision and map out

    your strategy to get it done."

  • Hi, I'm Ashley Sharie!

    Who am I? I am a brand strategist and mindset coach who specializes in building impactful businesses & brands with power and presence -- and the big boss mindsets to execute them. 


    With over a decade of experience in small business, strategy, and personal growth, my focus is on the "sweet spot" where business meets mindfulness. As a mega advocate for women's empowerment, I previously served as a Community Advisor to the Washington, DC area for Girlboss. With a platform rooted in balance, I'm a certified yoga instructor and yes, I really do drink my tea with a splash of Henny.

  • How I serve 👩🏽‍💻

    How I work with my clients.

    Let's Work: Strategy & Coaching

    The Asha Code // the go to creative consultancy.

    As an agency, we bring visions to life. Whether it's a website or creative project. I've helped some of your favorites like Symone Sanders, Alencia Johnson, and Brittany Packnett create dope websites and projects. Let's work on yours next!

    Join Beyond The Brand

    Intentional strategies for optimal success!

    Business and Mindset Mastery are my jam. So join the community where we focus on growing your bank account and your big boss mindset to match. You know you're already on Facebook so join us -- it's launching soon & it's free!

  • #theCode - Client Work 🌴

    Client projects from The Asha Code. View more here.

    Brand Vision

    It's hard to be both the dreamer and the doer. You now have permission to dream, to be creative and hold tight to your big vision. With #theCode, we'll guide you through the rest.

    Brand Strategy

    Our goal is simple: bring your brand to life. Whether a personal brand or business -- our process takes ensures that everything from your positioning to your digital expression are all aligned.

  • Zones of Genius 💡

    The domains in which I do my best work.

    Brand Strategy

    Business Development

    Creative Direction

    Vision Coaching

    Mindset Mastery


  • Let's Chat 💁🏽‍♀️

    I'm busy (because who isn't?!) but I love to meet + connect with like minded individuals and entrepreneurs. If you have a project, a question -- or just want a drop me a message below! Can't wait to e-meet you ;)


    P.S. Want to skip the chat & get straight to work, check out my quick 1:1 sessions! Or, if you are interested in coaching or getting started on your creative project, connect with us here!