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Elevate Your Brand

Ashley Sharie - Brand Strategy

Hi! I'm Ashley Sharie

Strategist. Visionary. Coach.

My goal is to inspire and empower you to recognize the endless possibilities that come with embracing your authentic self. There is no 'right' or 'best' brand - only the brand that's true to who you are. As someone who builds brands with passion and purpose, I can't wait to help you create a brand that's as unique and incredible as you are.

Are you ready for clarity & inpact?

Imagine having absolute clarity about how to effectively leverage and position everything that makes you, you.

Just picture it for a moment - having complete clarity on how to best leverage and position all of the unique qualities and strengths that make you who you are. It's a powerful feeling, and one that can truly set you apart from the crowd. With a strong, authentic brand that showcases your true self, the opportunities are endless.

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The Code

The Asha Code has all the brand & strategy resources you need from DIY to full scale creative direction with my agency team. 


The Hue

The Hue Harmony Studio expertly crafts captivating color palettes to enhance brand identity and foster customer loyalty.

Have fresh ideas, a personal platform, and are ready to build the brand to match.


Want to build emotional connections with their audience but are lacking the necessary systems and content. 


Want a distinct personal brand identity and voice to convey their unique personality and essence.

Want a custom brand strategy and guidance for growth and expanding their sphere of influence.

...just like you!


How I Serve

Whether you're building a personal brand or a business brand, having a strong foundation is the key to your success.

I help brands discover their authenticity and embed it into the framework of all strategy. 

In a world where people sacrifice anything to stay relevant -- they risk losing the very essence that connects them to their audience. Your audience doesn't identify with compromise -- they identify with you. That's why we start by learning about you, what makes your business special, your strengths and weaknesses, competition, target audience, and your overall vision and goals for the future. 

Then we apply #TheCode.

#The Code is our four step framework taking you from ideation to execution of your brand -- strategically and intentionally. 

Whether we have clarity session virtually or you come to DC for the full branding "Experience" in the city, my goal for you is always the same: bring your brand to life. 

Whether you're starting fresh, looking to pivot...or just feeling stuck, our process can work for you. I'm here to help you create that brand, to help you unlock your full potential, and to help you confidently take on the world.


Together, let's build a brand that represents the best of who you are and sets you up for the success you deserve. Ready? Choose how you want work together and let's do this.

Learn How I Work.

What my clients say...


Ashley's innovative approach to brand strategy and her creative flair breathed new life into my brand, positioning me as a true leader in my field.

- Courtney Monet

Ashley was so easy to work with and organized. Her process was seamless and professional, and the product was beautiful!

- Stephanie Young

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Ashley is one of the top professionals in her field. She has consistently assisted my company and my personal brand with stepping out of my shell and creating and setting real time strategic goals for my business. 


- Cierra Jones

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